I'm New

We want everyone at Mt. Calvary to feel welcome, whether you're a lifelong member or first-time visitor!
Where Do I Enter?
Our main front entrance is located on the corner of 16th Street and Park Avenue. Another entrance is on the south side of our building and is located between the church and school building. At the main entrance, you'll be greeted by a volunteer. 

Once inside, there will be a volunteer who will be happy to help you with any questions you may have, as well as direct you to where you can find resources for the service.
What To Expect
Most weeks, we follow an order of worship known as the liturgy. The liturgy helps guide our worship as we confess to God how we've sinned against Him. After we've confessed our sins, we get to hear God's forgiveness of all of our sins. The liturgy also includes prayer and singing. 

Each week, our worship follows a specific theme, which is based on the sections of the Bible that we're focusing on that particular week. We read sections of Scripture from both the Old and New Testament each week, and the message is based on those parts that we focused on.

Occassionally, we will have services that are a little less structured and are more blended in style.

On the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month, we celebrate the Lord's Supper. While not intending to be exclusive, it is our church and church body's practice to conduct "closed communion" (1 Corinthians 10:17), where only members of Mt. Calvary or an affiliated church take communion. If you are a visitor and have any questions about communion, please talk to our Pastor. 

What I Should Wear? 
We encourage you to come in whatever you're comfortable with. Some of our members dress formally, while others prefer to wear more casual clothing. Whatever your preference, we're happy you're here! 

Can I Take My Child Out During Worship?
We get it, sometimes children have a hard time staying still. We have a quiet room in the back of our church where you can take your child and rest. The front of the church is visible from the quiet room, and there are speakers that also reach, so you can still see and hear the service.

Sunday School is offered after the 9 AM service for kids ages Pre-K (3-4 years old) through 8th grade (Labor Day - Memorial Day)